September 1, 2007


Made it! Survived the first week of school...barely. Finally had a better sleep last night. My jaw seems to have unclinched slightly and I didn't wake up as frequently.

In an effort to improve my physical condition I rejoined the killer walking group this morning and proceeded to trip and fall. The resulting crash to the cement sidewalk forced me to abandon ship and come back home. I've got to start watching where I step, but the prospect of looking down all the time isn't very pleasant. Half the fun of walking is being outside and looking at the view. Perhaps it was just trying to walk and talk at the same time that did me in. Geeez! Lovely friends Judy and Vicki brought me home.

Once I take the ice pack off my knee and bandage up my elbow, Paul and I will hobble off the the Labor Day Mattress Sales and purchase a new bed. Our Mattress Mike special will soon be a nightmare from the past and we will sleep once again--i hope. I've been studying mattresses online so we will be making a more informed decision this time. We cerainly can't afford another costly mistake. I'm relishing the prospect of sweet dreams at long last.

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