September 23, 2007


Nora just emailed me with the wonderful news that one of my favorite childhood book series, Cherry Ames, has been reissued and is now available in boxed sets on Amazon. I fell madly in love with Cherry when she was a student nurse. She was always getting into trouble because it appeared that her naturally red rosy cheeks had had recent applications of rouge. Heaven forbid that Cherry would ever have indulged in such tawdry practices! Makeup was verboten in the student nurse world. Cherry went on to a fabulous career as an Army Nurse, Cruise Nurse, Department Store Nurse, etc. The series possiblities were pretty much endless. Cherry was even a Dude Ranch Nurse. There was no stopping her.

I passed along my love for Cherry to Nora and we have spent many trips to used bookstores looking for copies of the original series. We both agreed that we liked the old ones better but we may have to supplement our collection with some new purchases. Love that Cherry!

Had a productive writing weekend. Feeling highly motivated by my upcoming manuscript critique and also by the decision to attend the Big Sur Childrens Writers Workshop at the end of November. My writing pal Patty and I are off for a wild weekend of writing and rewriting, and I can't wait!

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