October 20, 2007


I'm not supposed to be writing this now. I have to finish not one but two chapters for my writing class by Sunday night...maybe Monday night, this time around. Having a hard time getting chapter seven to work. It's a significant chapter and it needs to flow just right...and it isn't.

I just finished watering every plant in the house, picked off their dead leaves, started the dishwasher and now I'm back in what I guess could be called my writing room. Only problem is, I'm not doing much writing in it. Sigh. Maybe I should try dusting it.

Instead, I lit a candle. My writing instructor/idol Val Hobbs always has candles lit whenever we have writing class and I imagine her writing by candlelight most days. Maybe it will work for me, too.

Val shared the beginning of her most recent writing project with us last week. She'd started it 5 days before and we heard two exquisite chapters. I'd be happy to have revised, rewritten, finished chapters as polished and powerful as her first draft.

Paul just called out "BIC!" One very unoriginal "tip" every real writer talks about is BIC, butt in chair. Just write. Sit down and write. Just do it. Wish I could.

I just yelled back, "BIC you!" I tend to get a little testy when I'm procrastinating. I was just mumbling to myself about writing crap when Paul shouted, "BICtory!" Clever man.

BICtory, BICtory is my cry....Back to work. Emelia's calling.

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Patty Palmer said...

I love it! BIC! Thanks, Paul for my new mantra. I agree with you, Maggie. Wouldn't it be lovely to do what Val can do? Although, I feel you are almost on the same par as Val...just BIC and get it done!