December 4, 2007

December Begins!

Only four days into December and it is already memorable. The last month of the year is always exciting, but in my family the beginning of the month is as thrilling as the Christmas celebrations that conclude it. My birthday is on the 2nd and today my beautiful Nora turns 23. Astounding! Paul and I have loved every minute of her life. From a new baby wearing a shell pink onesie with ruffles running across her diapered bottom all the way to college graduate, working woman, and wonderful friend. Happy Birthday to my darling daughter!

This year I celebrated my birthday by attending the Big Sur Children's Writing Workshop at Big Sur Lodge nestled in the redwood groves of Pfeiffer State Park. The ancient redwoods dwarf us all and create a gateway to a different way of thinking, breathing, and enjoying life. Most beautiful spot I've been to in ages. Waking up to the moon shining through the skylight about my bed, dressing in layers for the crisp, cool mornings and dark evenings, walking to the waterfall were all incredible moments, and then we got to write, learn and write some more. A perfect combination.

My friend Patty, who inspired me to start writing a children's novel in the first place, joined me on this adventure. She is wonderful traveling companion and friend. It was special to share this time with her but the best part was that we both had our own journeys as well. Patty and the "Greenwood Girls" were as transformed by the weekend as "Emelia" and I were, but in totally different ways. It was an amazing experience, and one that I hope to repeat another year.

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Patty Palmer said...

It was good, wasn't it?