January 26, 2008

Sun, Surf and Snow!

Paul and I got up early this morning and drove down to Santa Monica to have breakfast with our favorite business traveler. Nora flew down to promote her auction house at Art LA and meet potential clients and vendors. She is strengthening her networking skills, and literally bumped into Steve Martin while looking at a painting. Fun job, Nora!

We have been besieged by torrential rains and cold weather (at least by Santa Barbara standards) and this morning was a sunny break in the gloom. The drive down to Santa Monica was gorgeous–the ocean and palm trees on one side, and snowy mountains on the other. Amazing to see strawberries growing next to the highway against a background of snow. I'm glad we got a chance to enjoy the sun today...heavy rain is supposed to arrive again tonight.

In keeping with my intention to make 2008 the year of positive choices I focused on physical improvements this week. A physical, an eye exam and a mammogram on the schedule for next week. I'd procrastinated about these appointments for a while, so I'm pleased to have them behind me. Unfortunately, I have some icky follow-up tests...

Just finished Elizabeth Gilbert's book, Eat, Pray, Love. Gilbert's spiritual and emotional journey intrigued me, and her statement that "happiness is the consequence of personal effort" struck home. If I were in the market for a mantra, I think that might be a good one. My recent "personal efforts" include continuing this blog and trying to take pictures to illustrate it. Here is my artful attempt to capture the strange beauty of a Santa Monica parking garage. Art LA should be calling any day now.


Patty Palmer said...

Oprah talked up Eat, Pray, Love a while ago. It's a must read according to her. If it didn't have pray in the title, I may have been tempted to pick it up. Ha!
just finished reading Speak. OMG. What an amazing book. Tell me why it has taken me so long to read this?

JJ said...

Well, I may just barely be adept enough to figure out how to add comments to your blog. We'll see! This is my third attempt. I loved reading about the sun, snow and surf on the way south last weekend as we had the chance to experience it too. We went from sighting snow, experiencing rain, 74 degree weather all in a couple of hours!

While I have enjoyed reading your blog, I have to admit that it makes me feel a bit voyeuristic, which I actually enjoy. It's like reading your diary but with an invitation. While Richard had told me about the arrangements for HRC on campus, you are the first person I have heard from who was actually there. I loved hearing your perspective, much of which fulfilled my rather cynical view of the political staging that goes on. I wish I could share your enthusiasm for HRC, but she scares me. Much as the idea of a female president excites me, it will have to be a woman of higher caliber and ethics to win my vote. Go Obama!

JJ said...

As a sister Islander, I thank you publicly for my Brandon sweatshirt. I wear it proudly..at school, on our walks and curled up by the fire working on my taxes on a chilly Sunday afternoon! When's the next walk?