March 14, 2008

Due North

Days are flying by, and I can't seem to catch up. This week has been a tiring blur, but it started off with a wonderful weekend in Carmel. A perfect combination of friends, beautiful scenery, early spring weather, plus great walks, delicious meals, and laughter. Lots of laughter. Can't remember when I last laughed so much or so hard.

The weekend was a walking extravaganza, and the first road trip for the diehard members of the Brandon Walking Club: Melanie, Vicki, Emily, me and Judy. We started our adventure with a walk in the dark on Friday night and picked it up again on Saturday morning with a 5 mile stroll by the Mission, Carmel Point, along the beach and up, up, up the hill back to Judy's house. Later on Saturday we explored Carmel on foot, and on Sunday we did a few short walks at Point Lobos State Park. All our exercise certainly justified our delicious meals, especially the array of amazing cheeses we consumed on Saturday night. At least I hope it did.

I amuse myself by collecting real estate handouts from the residential sections of Carmel. Beautiful homes with beautiful views and not surprisingly, very hefty price tags. One famous beach front property had just had it's price dropped by almost fifty percent : $11,000,000 from $20,000,000. A bargain! We walked by the house my family used to stay in during summer visits to Carmel. Log Haven--a log cabin tucked in a block of more traditional homes. I think it might be the only cabin in Carmel. I loved staying there--especially in the upstairs bedroom with the strawberry bedspreads. These days I dream about owning a house in Carmel--maybe if we win the lottery. Whenever I spend time up there it reaffirms my belief that I am a Northern Californian at heart. I love the weather and the scenery--wouldn't bother me at all to give up the palm trees of Santa Barbara for redwoods and cypress. Foggy summers? I could live with them...happily.

At 6:02 on Saturday night we rushed to see the sunset at the beach. Barely made it in time, but it was worth the effort. More beauty awaited us on Sunday at Point Lobo State Park. Can't believe I'd never visited this park before. Hidden coves, turquoise water, a seal, a hungry sea otter and an osprey--all whet my appetite for another visit soon. Spending time with the lady walkers whet my appetite for more Walking Club adventures, too. We certainly proved the adage that laughter is the best medicine. It definitely makes life more fun.


Patty P said...

The weekend sounded wonderful! I have to tell you, I'd rather been in Carmel than Las Vegas. I can almost hear your laughter walking along with these ladies. Such fun.
Thanks for your comment on my recent post, Maggie. I think you hit the nail on the head. I need to settle down and just write away. I've been busy lately and feel like I'm spinning my writing tires. And I have no new book on my night table. Gotta change that.
BTW, I can see you in Carmel. You'll probably get there you know. Just by thinking about it, it will happen. I believe whenever you are truly connected to some place, you will eventually end up there. Like my little cottage by the sea....ahhh. Dream it and it will happen!

Maggie said...

Patty--I do hope my Carmel vision comes true. At one time Carmel was an artist's colony. Maybe I can help recreate those days and hold writing retreats in "a little cottage by the sea" to pay the mortgage!


Laura Elliott said...

Hey that looks familiar!!!! Too bad you didn't stop in Big Sur:) *hugs* Yes, lots and lots of inspiration up North. I love it!