June 6, 2009

Sliding Standards?

I had a horrifying moment early this morning. What if they are dumbing down Jeopardy? One night earlier this week I amazed myself (and my beloved opponent) with my answering, or actually in this case, questioning, prowess. I was on fire. But is it possible that my euphoric success was simply because the questions were surprisingly easy? Has the Jeopardy schedule become like the NY Times Crossword schedule--a system that publishes easier puzzles at the beginning of the week and then adds successively challenging crosswords as Sunday approaches? Or perhaps my small victory is merely the result of some well-meaning television executive who has decided to build America's self-esteem by allowing a nation of frustrated quiz show fans to achieve great success while simultaneously deluding us into thinking we are getting smarter? Hmm. Obviously, I'm going to have to dedicate some more time contemplating this phenomenon. Unless, of course, I manage to occupy my mind with more significant concerns.

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