July 5, 2009


Had a beautiful 4th of July in Cambria. The highlight was
a small but brilliant firework display launched from the end of
Moonstone Beach. We stood under an almost full moon
on the wooden boardwalk while we watched and listened to the
whizzing arcs of flowers, planets and bubbles exploding into
vibrant neon colors.

I love fireworks!

I love flags, too.

American flags lined the streets of Cambria and huge flags flew along Highway 101 on the way home. This flag pole stands outside the White Water Inn where we stayed in Cambria.The British Union Jack flies beneath the American one in tribute to one of the former owners of the inn--beautiful variations of red, white and blue.

Plants that caught my eye this weekend were also variations of red, white and blue with flowers reminiscent of exploding fireworks.

The green papyrus doesn't fit with the patriotic theme (although the container is blue) but I love this feathery plant and bought one at the Cambria Nursery to add to our garden.

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Solvang Sherrie said...

Great shot of the fireworks. I love Cambria!