May 17, 2010


I've been on a mission, searching for my personal, fail proof fountain of inspiration. It seems an internal spigot should be included with our genetic operating instructions. Just push the button and wait for the fountain to start spurting. Unfortunately,that's not the way it works. At least not for me.

Fleeting inspiration comes from words--a quote, a few lines of exquisite writing, a horoscope, a fortune cookie---but these are random sparks, not enduring flames. Sometimes a little positive reinforcement provides motivation---a good critique or a small acknowledgment by peers. But that's an external source and you can only stare at a paper-framed certificate for so long. It's nice, even thrilling in the moment, but it doesn't sustain.

Friends with fiery passions and commitment motivate, but also inspire a little envy. Then there are my strong friends who don't have the luxury of procrastinating, and forge ahead despite uncertain futures. They're awe inspiring. Their stories offer perspective and a reality check. But those are their stories. I need to write my own.

I've been playing the "I'm too old" card, but my friends have proven me wrong. There are the "Janes" who both jumped back into medical school, and marathoner Judy. Hardworking, focused women who don't succumb.

It's time to grow up, Margaret. Make a plan and a promise. Dig deep and...

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Patty Palmer said...

Nice to see you back! I hope you find your inspiration. It can be elusive for all of us, but try to indulge what motivates you, not what doesn't. Find your passion, baby and the motivation will come!