June 5, 2007

Color Power!

Blogspot doesn't offer the greatest array of color choices. I definitely needed to add some more interesting colors to my blog, and maybe my life, too. I did a quick google search on hex codes and came up with this link to the Hex Hub: http://www.december.com/html/spec/color.html. I bookmarked it immediately. Now I have 1000 colors to choose from. This blog is now hosting a background of Honeydew (#F0FFF0) with a title color of Harold's Crayon (#B62084). These colors are a reflection of my current fixation with the colors revealed when you slice open an artichoke. I seem to be enthralled by the greens and the aubergines. I've noticed a lot of houses painted with this combination of colors so I guess I'm not alone with my arichoke obessession. So much fun to have all the colors to play with instead of just 60 little squares. I guess the obvious comparison would be the eight crayon box of Crayolas vs. the beautiful set of 64 crayons, with the built in sharpener, of course.

Love to read the names of the different colors. I'm often more attracted to the names than the actual colors. Instead of Harold's Crayon I could have chosen: turnip, thistle, lavendarblush, geranium lake, peachpuff, cranberry jello or sea urchin. I'm sure that honeydew won't last forever--too many choices out there.

7/19/07--Have to add a P.S. to this entry. All this refers to an earlier template/design of "Oh, Margaret," Still love those colors but they aren't on this blog anymore.

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Margaret/Maggie said...

Interesting that the day AFTER I mention how much I like artichoke colors you write about how it's your "current fixation" . . .