July 17, 2007

Once a Month is Not Enough...

I am ashamed by my lack of postings--one item a month does not a good blog make! But now I have something exciting to share. I am currently attending the Oregon Coast Children's Book Writer's Workshop in Oceanside, OR. This is a solo writing adventure to inspire me to write or perhaps sound the death knell on my writing efforts. I think I'm inspired--I may even be in "love." I have taken 48 writing classes over the past two years, attended numerous SCBWI events, bought lots of books on writing (I've even read a few of them!) but this week may be the turning point I've been waiting for.

I submitted my first chapter of Boxes for critique by a panel of writers, agents and editors. Each participant in the workshop receives a personal critique every day as well as a first page critique by all instructors. I had my first page criitque today and I received lots of positive feedback--I was thrilled. This is the first time I have shared my writing outside the safety zone of my adoring family and my writing class. My real world debut, and I liked the response.

Later this afternoon I had a critique with an agent that was also very positive, "great." I discussed my failure/inability to plot with her and she said not to worry. I know my story, I definitely know Emelia and I should just go ahead and keep writing. That's what Paul, Nora, and Patty have been telling me for months but my lack of confidence kept me editing and revising what I already written. Now I'm ready to tackle the rest of the book. In the immortal words of my dear Paul, "Don't get it right, get it written!"

I'll try!

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