July 18, 2007

Omens--To Believe or Not Believe?

I don't really believe in omens, honest. But whenever I am going to try something new, I find myself looking for them. On the drive from Albany, OR to Tillamook I found almost a dozen "significant" signs predicting a successful week at OCCBWW. A Bald Eagle, a great blue heron standing by itself in the middle of the Tillamook River, lots of beautiful green meadows filled with black and white dairy cows (not sure bovines can be omens...hmm), a sign designating a tsunami zone, a sign offering homemade tye-dyed shirts (is that a local spelling?), a doe with two speckled fawns at her side, and full yards of blooming shasta daisies. There were a few other omens I tried to write down while I was driving on windy roads, but I can't read my handwriting so I'm hoping they weren't the significant ones. Wait--I just deciphered one more! I just decoded what I thought was itay (a new Apple product?)--I was writing hay. At one point on the trip I spotted a field with rolls of recently mowed hay drying in the sun. l hope they've covered those up--it's pouring out right now. Can rain be an omen, too?

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