July 19, 2007


Still in Oregon where it's raining in Tillamook, but Oceanside is bathed in sunshine. Amazing what a difference 10 miles can make on this coast. Beautiful symetrical rows of white-capped waves creep up on the wide beach in front of the community center. The waves aren't big enough for surfing but that hasn't kept a few brave, wetsuited souls from trying. The three huge rocks just off shore look like puzzle pieces broken off from the mainland. Green plants edge down from the top of the cliff. Their green has become more intense because of all the rain (which I love) and rows of houses with weathered wooden siding and shingles in shades of blue, gray and brown fill the steep hillside (Maxwell Mountain) above the beach. The houses each have an inordinate number of windows framing the flat oceanscape and the huge sky. Today it's windy and two dipping neon kites cut into my view, interfering with the native seagulls and pelicans.

The kites remind me of Nora's favorite killer whale kite that she and Paul bought in Carmel many years ago. I can't remember Nora ever having a fascination with whales but i know she liked the turquoise backgound and the hot pink tails. The kite has flown on both coasts--Paul is the master kite flyer. Maybe we'll take it to Cambria on Monday.

Had a great dinner tonight at David Greenberg's house in Oceanside. Went with Mary Dolan and Mary Boone. The views were incredible. The house has three stories and decks on every floor. Everyone had house envy.

Workshop weariness is beginning to set-in. Just one more day.

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