July 21, 2007

A day of rain didn't dampen my enthusiasm for my Oregon experience. It has been so dry in Santa Barbara this year that the moisture has been a novelty. Had a great beach walk after the workshop ended.Mary Dolan and I were brave adventurers and went through the cave tunnel. Made me realize the spelunking is probably not in my future! Enjoyed a delicious dinner with Mary at Roseanne's in Oceanside. Wonderful pasta dish with gorgonzola cream sauce, chicken, hazelnuts, dried cranberries...I think I may be missing one more unique ingredient. I'd love to recreate it for Paul. After almost two weeks of fending for himself, I'm sure he'd love a home cooked meal, too.

OCCBWW was exciting and encouraging. Meet lots of wonderful aspiring and inspiring writers. Can't wait to get home and start working on Boxes again.

Am off to SF today and a fun night in the city with Nora. She'll pick me up at the airport and we'll head off to Nordstrom downtown--keeping up our Nordstrom sale tradition. I hope there are still some size 11's left!

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