July 27, 2007

Rick Rack

Don't know why I'm fixated on rick rack these days. Lately I seem to see it everywhere--aprons, children's clothing, and all sorts of crafty items. I've used it on Christmas stockings, as well as numerous Halloween costumes for Nora. I still have a stash of it in various widths and colors in case a rick rack opportunity presents itself.

I was amazed to discover that rick rack may be a generational fascination. When discussing it with two younger women in their thirties–they didn't even know what it was. Fortunately I had a picture of rick rack saved on my desktop (see, I really am enchanted by it) and I could enlighten them. They weren't particularily impressed, but did admit that they'd seen it before. Hmm. I'm hoping their ignorance doesn't reflect on the popularity of rick rack in the future.

Difficult writing day. I'm trying to make a big push on Boxes before I have to go back to work but today was more of a challenge than a success. I have been making corrections on one draft but discovered that I ending up making some of the corrections on another draft. Very confusing...and time consuming. Think I have everything under control now. Tomorrow I will continue with the significant rewrite of chapter 5. Hope things will go more smoothly.

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