August 9, 2007

School Days and Resolutions

I loved taking my daughter shopping for school supplies. Clothes shopping was fun, too, but the thrill of a new binder, packages of pens and post-its was the best. Nora still loves office supplies, but since she graduated from college in May she'll have to purchase her own from now on. I went into Staples last week to buy a set of alphabetical tabs and I was overwhelmed with desire for glue sticks, colored pencils, lab notebooks, etc. I almost had to be forcibly removed. Pick-up on Aisle 5!

I started my new full-time job this week (after a week of non-writing due to a bout of houseguestitis, with lovely guests, of course) and I realize that I will have to work hard at creating a writing schedule. Eight hours of office work isn't exactly inspirational. My delightful Nora suggested setting aside a few days to write each week so I won't feel guilty about not writing everyday...just on specific days. Not a bad idea. This will require major discipline and a serious absence of procrastination. We'll see.

I also have to fit some exercise in the day, somehow. My fun walking group is toying with the idea of attempting the Santa Barbara Half Marathon in November. I found a reasonable training schedule online, but once again major self-discipline will be involved. Group activities are less easy to ignore...maybe I should try group writing?

Fall is the time of year I make my New Year's resolutions. I suppose it's because I have worked in schools for so long that I am accustomed to thinking of fall as the time for new beginnings. East coast fall meant cooler, crisper air, beautiful leaves, soccer season, etc. In Santa Barbara, fall is hot and will probably still include the falling ash we've had for almost two months due to a local, uncontrollable fire. Several friends are now living in evacuation mode...I imagine they would like to skip fall altogether and head straight into the wet season. Let's hope for lots of rain...soon.

I see I got a little distracted from my resolution theme...but it isn't quite fall, yet.

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