April 14, 2008

Dum, da dum-dum

Yikes! Only a few hours to go before I head off for my meniscus renovation. At this point any hope of further sleep is futile. Although I know this is a simple procedure (how complicated could it be if they send you home a few hours?), I am still feeling anxious.

Last night Paul took me to dinner at the Shoreline Beach Cafe, making the ultimate sacrifice of missing most of the Red Sox v. Yankee game on Sunday Night Baseball. What a guy! It was lovely to watch the sunset over the water while having a little calamari and salad. Of course it would have been perfect with a little glass of white wine, but since I had told the nurse at the surgery center that I only drank rarely I thought I'd better abstain. Don't want the people who are going to cut me open (with the teeny, tiny tools) to think I'm a liar.

Turned the light off around 11 p.m. and was just drifting off to sleep when the the nocturnal assault of the local raccoon tribe began. The corner of the house by our bedroom is a favorite launch pad to the neighbor's bushy cypress and the raccoons apparently need a running start to ensure a safe leap.Last night they were feeling especially frisky and the thumping and scramblings seemed very close...like inside-the-attic-instead-of-on-the-roof-close. I got up to investigate and heard growls and hissing when I walked by the open bathroom window. I fully expected to see a pointy charcoal face peering down at me from the attic access in the hallway. Fortunately, the board covering the opening was still in place, but I was wide awake. More reading required before I finally got to sleep sometime after midnight.

My pre-surgery instructions were to avoid drinking or eating after midnight. The no-eating part wasn't a problem, but just knowing that I couldn't have any water has made me incredibly thirsty. I keep having images of crawling across the hot sand dunes I saw in Death Valley. Argh! Now I'm wondering if brushing my teeth is against the rules. I'm sure I can avoid swallowing any water, and frankly I think the doctor might appreciate minty Aquafresh breath over my morning breath. I certainly don't want to irritate the man with the knife. Wondering if some women put on make-up for surgery. Think I'll pass on my usual mascara and lip gloss. I'm hoping the only women who wear make-up in surgical situations are the actresses in ER and Gray's Anatomy.

Thought about getting a pedicure so my toes would look extra nice for the surgery but unfortunately, I didn't have time. I was going to have the words "this leg" painted on the big toe of my right foot but I guess I'll have to just tell them it's the right knee instead of providing a visual clue. Dreamed this past week about putting adhesive colored dots up and down my right leg just to make sure there are no mistakes. Am I being compulsive? Maybe, but better safe than sorry.

Have you ever wondered if there is a medical version of You-Tube? Can't decide if it would be reassuring to preview what is going to happen to my knee in a few hours or so terrifying that I wouldn't be able to leave home. In my case it would probably be the latter. No sense increasing the anxiety level any further. It's clear that a brave heart is in order this morning, but I already feel it pounding in my chest.

Saturday I attended the SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators) LA Writer's Day with my friends Patty and Laura. Congratulations to Laura (far right in photo) for her honorable mention award in this year's Young Adult Fiction contest! Patty (middle in photo) won an honorable mention last year for her Middle Grade Fiction submission. I feel lucky to know such talented writers. Patricia Gauch, another talented author, crack editor and vice president of Philomel, spoke to about 150 eager listeners about putting our "heart" in our writing. She encouraged all of us to dig deeper and be honest. "Don't Flinch!" she admonished. Believe me, Patricia, I won't be flinching this morning.


laurasmagicday said...

Great post Maggie! You had me cracking up, especially the part about "this leg"! SOOOOO....how'd it go amiga? *hugs* Hope you are resting comfortably at home and that your swell hubby is being a good nurse. We used to give the girls a little bell to ring when they were sick puppies on the sofa needed something from Mom. A tradition my mom started--with four kids you had to be efficient, thus the bell.

I hope you are doing OK. HANG IN THERE! Hope you got the GOOD drugs too:)

Thanks for the props. Had a blast with you a dinner on Saturday. Looking forward to tipping a few more Coronas back when you can.

Patty P said...

Hope everything went well and that you're feeling tip top shape! Will I see you tonight at the HSAs? Hope so!