April 17, 2008

Let the Healing Begin!

My knee surgery went well. Another meniscus tear was discovered but all tears were cleaned up, as were the crabmeat fissures in my knee cartilage. My doctor delighted in telling me about the white fronds of cartilage, resembling crabmeat, hanging down from the underside of my patella. Fronds? Crabmeat? Who knew medical terminology could be so descriptive?

At any rate the surgery part is over and I suspect that the upcoming physical therapy might be a little more painful than the surgery itself. Now, my knee stiffens and locks in place at any given opportunity and I am reduced to a stooped crab-like shuffle as I move around the house. Hmm...I wonder why the crab imagery keeps popping up. Regardless, I am eager to put in the work so that I can walk normally again. I especially miss my Friday afternoon walks--they are always both mentally and physically therapeutic.

Beautiful flowers, great reading material and delicious treats are helping to speed up recovery! Calories consumed during recuperation don't count, do they? Oh, and of course, the pain killers. They help, too. I truly appreciate all the good wishes.


Patty P said...

Glad you're feeling better Maggie. Glad you were able to post becasue I've been wondering about you.
So now, if you have time, I tagged you to participate in a "get to know you" tag, or meme or whatever they're called.
Visit my blog for instructions!
Talk soon,

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you are doing better amiga. Beautiful flowers and wonderful that you can just slow down and read a little. It seems that when the world slows us down we fight it. But try to take advantage of the time. You'll be taking those wonderful walks soon! *hugs*

Patty P said...

Oh, Margaret..where are you?

Anonymous said...

Yeah....how the heck are you????