October 20, 2008

Exciting Monday

This is my third week of work-free Mondays. I love this schedule. Some Mondays have been dedicated fully to writing. Others have included just a little bit of writing, a trip to Starbucks, a walk, grocery shopping, etc. Each Monday seems like a gift.

Highlights from today...

1. Had the fastest and most frenetic dental hygiene appointment of my life--I think the woman may have been in the midst of a manic episode. My gums are still throbbing, but my teeth are clean and I now fully understand the proper use and benefit of the rubber tip!

2. Took a walk with my jury friend, Tina, along the bluffs and discovered the mysterious "nude" beach in SB. I didn't seek it out, but I did get to see a nude man cruising along the shoreline. He was very tan...all over. The descent to that beach is too treacherous for my still recovering knee, so I will have avert my eyes from afar.

3. Met a woman (on the same walk) who has a very small horse that she attaches to a cart and drives to pick up her son from kindergarten. A very green form of transportation. "Buck," the horse, was quite cute and moves along at a good clip. I bet that little boy is the most popular boy in his class. Everyone will want to come to his birthday parties.

4. Got a pedicure--I have purple toenails! I am feeling a bit wild
these days, even though I probably shouldn't be so extravagant and indulgent in light of the current economic downturn. On the pro side of the "pedi" argument--looking at my purple toenails makes me really happy.

5. Mailed in my absentee ballot (Full disclosure: Paul mailed it in). I filled in the dots very carefully. I want my vote to be counted. Keeping my fingers crossed that Colin Powell and I will both be happy on November 4th.

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Patty P said...

Hi Miss M,
Are you home during this hiatus from work? Would love to have a coffee/chat/writing session at Starbucks!