January 1, 2009

It's a New Year...

It has been months since my last entry, but what better day to revive "Oh, Margaret!" than January 1, 2009.

Right now I am indulging in my favorite New Year's Day tradition of watching the Rose Parade. I used to wake Nora up early each Jan. 1 and we would watch it together, both of us fantasizing about wearing the heavily-pearled crown of the Rose Parade Queen. I think that ship may have sailed for us at this point, but maybe we could join the Rotary Club International and walk along with that float someday. Nora and I still share the parade experience but now we watch in our separate residences and call each other up throughout the morning to share our insightful comments--three phone calls so far. Traditions are great, aren't they?

The other traditional activity of the New Year is making resolutions. I posted an entry in August 2007 about how I always make my resolutions at the beginning of the school year, but somehow I missed that deadline in 2008, so here I go.

Health: Knees and Diet

I'm afraid my April knee surgery didn't do the trick. My swollen knee has kept me from walking which was my favorite (and only) form of exercise. Diet is an ongoing dilemma, but this needs to be the year I take control. Instead of relishing the successes of participants on the Biggest Loser, I will begin my own path to better health.

Writing: Sigh...

I am taking another writing class from Val Hobbs. The structure of the class inspires a more committed writing schedule and I always get a lot out of the exercises and discussions. This year I need to add a healthy dose of writing passion. Paul always says, "Don't get it right, get it written." I recognize the truth in that statement, but I still struggle.

Many other areas of my life could benefit from a new approach, but I don't want to lose focus on my "big" resolutions. I know how easily I can justify distractions...like not writing until I have all the Christmas decorations taken down. Hmmm.

My goal for 2009 will be to honor my personal commitments. I'm hoping that this year will be productive and satisfying for my family and friends as well. Happy New Year one and all!


Patty P said...

Welcome back! Health is certainly the key to living a great life so I'm glad that it's part of your new year. Even little changes can make a BIG difference.
As for writing...you respond well to a structured approach to writing. When left on your own, that's when you begin to doubt yourself. Hmmm. Something to think about!
I know you can do it!

Laura said...

GOOD LUCK Maggie! So great to hear from you again. This is your year, I can feel it:) Here's to keeping each other inspired and full of writing passion. Let me know if I can help you in any way. Big journeys begin with one small step. Oh, the places you'll go!

Solvang Sherrie said...

Oh, Margaret -- I love your writing! I was just telling a friend yesterday how brilliantly you fixed the opening of a story. You really could make a job out of that!

I didn't realize you had knee surgery. You didn't jump in with Gwen on the horror stories...