January 2, 2012

I Love a Parade!


Best way to begin the the new year--a parade!  Strolled half a block to Colorado Boulevard this morning and joined the throngs of people lined up to watch the Rose Bowl parade.  We didn't have front row viewing but we also didn't have to sit in the street all night waiting for the parade to begin.  Another perk of our move to Pasadena.


 Lots of bands filled with shining tubas.

On Friday the ladies on the left were standing on very high scaffolding gluing petals on the elephant's (above) head.  Fun to see the before and after.

I still haven't figured out how to make it on to the Rose Queen's Royal float.  I've wanted to be a Rose Princess since I first saw the parade as a little girl.  Apparently there is some sort of an age limit!

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