January 1, 2012

New Year, New Adventures!

2011 was a year of adventures, but not, alas, a year of blogging.  Hope to change that in 2012.   In  April P and I took a wild leap, resigned from our jobs and moved to Pasadena.  The drive from Goleta south to Pasadena is only about two hours down Highway 101, but for us, life here is a world apart.

We sold a 4 bedroom home with a garage, and downsized to a 2 bedroom condominium with a small storage unit.  Life in an urban area has been an adventure, complete with its own soundtrack of car alarms, late night delivery trucks and early morning street sweepers. We were ill-prepared for some aspects of the move, but eagerly embraced the positives--we walk everywhere (many days we never drive a car), have access to a beautiful public library, great restaurants, new friends, and all the excitement  that Los Angeles has to offer. 

New Year's resolutions aren't usually my thing, but this year I plan to focus on writing, health, and possibly, employment.  Regardless of how my resolutions pan out,  2012 is guaranteed to be another year of adventure.

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